By downloading Progressive PST’s Facebook hacking software, you’re agreeing with following terms and conditions below which you should ready before using our application:

  1. Facebook hack tool should be used only for personal needs. This means user(s) can use it only to find FB login password of their own accounts of which they have lost access to.
  2.  It’s not allowed to use this application for commercial nor for public presentation purposes.
  3.  Hacking Facebook profiles of other people then yourself is strictly prohibited.
  4.  Parents can use this tool to hack their minor children’s Facebook accounts not older then 13 years in goal to protect them from online bullying/pedophiles/online abuse.
  5.  By using this program in wrong/not allowed/illegal activities which are mentioned above, users take all risks which may occur on their own and we (authors of this website & application) will not be responsible for those actions.