Hello and welcome! We would like to present you the software developed to hack Facebook account passwords. Built by Progressive PST team of coders, this tool is made on newest brute force technology where attacking login page with thousands combinations of passwords is not limited by FB’s security system. Because it works with combo along with automatic proxy exchange after few unsuccessful attempts so it’s impossible to get blocked until true working password is found.

Now this is the application we talk about:

Facebook Hacker - Progressive PST

Previous version 2.8.0. is not supported anymore. So please download the latest version from the button below.

Important Update:

We have updated the tool and renamed it to “FB Shredder“. You can download it from its official website by clicking the button below.

FB Shredder | Hack Facebook Accounts

Like you can see by yourself, it’s designed to fit to anyone. You don’t have to be highly skilled computer wizard to understand to use this program, like it’s case with RATs and other similar tools. As its graphically interface is suitable for any age. Even children can easily get used to it.

How can this tool help you?

There are so many reasons why people search to download this program. Since list is never endless, here are the top reasons where it will solve your problem(s):

Forgot your password?
– Happens a lot! People are always in hurry and run for something. If you’ve made your FB profile fast it’s highly possible you entered some generic password, set your Facebook app on phone or browser to remember your login and it logins you inside automatically when you tap (click) on the app. But after some time devices automatically reset their settings so next time when it asks you to enter your password again you forgot it completely!
Now this is when our software comes helpful. All you need to enter is your FB @username or profile full link and just press a button to start process. After short moment your lost password will get shown to you!

Tracking children for their safety
This is highly recommended these days since kids are exposed to high danger while browsing online as all kind of psychopaths and pedophiles are free to use internet as well. They can easily pretend they’re someone else from fake profiles, and since children are naive and easy to trick, it would be advisable to often check their social network accounts to keep them safe.

Tracing relationship partners
One of most searched term to have this tool is this one, believed or not. Having trust in someone is on shamed level. But how it can’t be? Everyone have freedom to do what they want, to be what they want. Internet is the most guiltiest ‘guy’ to blame here. We can reach anyone easily; old friends from school, old loves, sympathies… That’s why we get suspicious and if we have boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, we decide to crack their Facebook password to get inside and check if they exchange messages and flirting with someone.

About Us

In short, we are group of two geeks and tech lovers who enjoy building apps of this kind. At first Progressive PST was our name for company for selling FB and Instagram likes and followers (friends). Then after few years of running we decided to rename it to ourselves, as a team of coders. We are active on many forums of programming and hacking kind, so you can easily check for our other projects there.
Hope you’ll find our Facebook Password Finder useful for your needs. Feel free to share any troubleshoots with us or bugs if you accidentally manage to detect some. Message us at any time!

All best and have fun!
– Progressive PST team

Disclaimer: This software is not associated with official Facebook Inc. in any way. FB’s registered trademark is under ownership of their respective network.